SEO on Facebook?


Facebook reach getting you down? Did you know Facebook SEO is actually a good way to get around this?

The best way to get found in Facebook search is to have a group that has your keywords in its title. You want to make sure the group is active as possible. But for less competitive keywords, it’s much easier to rank than you think. That’s why so many people create groups. Just be sure to keep the spammers away!

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What is Your SEO ZONE?

In the Zone SEO takes a somewhat different approach to search engine optimization. Sure, getting results on page one of Google is wonderful and you do want to try and get there when you have the opportunities. But, these tactics can take weeks, if not months, to see big results.

But, while Google rankings can take time to update, there is SEO that can be done with much faster, sometimes even instant, results!

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Long-form or short-form content?


Should you produce more short content or more long content? The answer is a little of both and which you create more of is totally based on what your audience prefers! While websites that are built around articles want to have rich often longer articles for SEO, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t produce short form content. In fact, you should.

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SEO is For More Than Google

SEO isn’t just for Google!

That’s right. You need to SEO for eBay, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube and more! Even Facebook has a search feature you can take advantage of if you pick the right keywords for your group and fan page names. Even taking cues from Bing, Yahoo, and other popular search engines can still pay dividends.

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Use Twitter Autocomplete to Improve Your Reach!

Use Twitter Autocomplete to Be Part of the Conversation! (And boost your reach!)

Most people who use social media are very familiar with hashtags and use them all the time. But, did you know that Twitter has an autocomplete feature, just like Google? This is something I just thought of recently to point out, because no one really talks about it.

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Scripted or Unscripted for Short Marketing Videos?

Should you go scripted or unscripted for short marketing videos?

People can tell when you’re reading off a script or when something is rehearsed. But having no script at all can lead to rambling, inconsistent, or even boring content. So I like to have a little of both. Use points to talk about with maybe a few notes and ad lib from there. That’s my approach.

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Welcome to In the Zone SEO!


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On this blog, we will be sharing various tips on SEO and blogging from our experience in SEO work. We will also be sharing our on-going education in the ever-growing fields of Inbound Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and blogging best practices!

This way you can learn along with us!. We hope to update at least weekly and hopefully several times a week in order to bring you fresh best practice tips and other useful inbound marketing information. Let’s all learn and grow together!

– R.A. Rowell, In the Zone SEO